Hello Friends,

I welcome you all to another exciting financial education journey of 2020.

We will learn more insightful and helpful business empowerment ideas this year as well as guiding our path towards financial independence.

The General Overview for this year will be centered on the following;

  1. Drawing Up Personal Budget for 2020
  2. Drawing Up a Busines Plan for 2020
  3. Career Improvement
  4. Educational Upgrade
  5. Spiritual Growth
  6. Personal Security Education

In the year 2019, we covered general topics relating to savings, investment, marriage and money, cultural enlightenment, school fees, etc.

I will try as much as possible to expand the above broad topics into simplified details for the understanding of all.

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I want us to always remember the principles of Savings 101.


Savings for the purpose of this discussion is “one disposable income that is not consumed by immediately buying goods and services”.

That is deferred enjoyment of your income.

In everyday language, savings is the money you have plans for and decide not to use it for anything today.

Savings is a very difficult habit to cultivate and as such, there is the need for some basic facts to be learned.

Every genuine saving starts with a bank account or a source.

No one can efficiently claim to save without a bank account where either daily, weekly or monthly income can be deposited or “hidden” for future enjoyment.

We all have goals and dreams in life, which are mostly futuristic.

Most of these goals can be realized with money and as such, it is important that we plan our lives well today towards that goal.

Some of these goals may be;

  • Buying or building a house
  • Purchasing a car
  • Education
  • Traveling
  • Retirement package
  • Marriage etc

I will urge you to join me in this simple but effective journey of Wealth creation.

Happy New Year to you all

Patrick Baah is a chartered banker with over 5 years experience in main stream banking having worked in various capacities. He is currently at the Branch Manager Position of his institution. He has been a qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, Ghana with a good membership standing since the year 2013. He also holds EMBA and BA from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science, Technology, and the University of Ghana respectively. Patrick is the originator of the daily epistle dubbed “Savings Tip of the Day” which has been running for over a year on WhatsApp and Facebook. Patrick has also been teaching on the Topics Savings, Investment and Financial Independence for over 2 years and a research fellow for ILAPI Ghana. He runs a financial channel on Youtube by name “Patrick TV Gh” and has appeared a couple of times on the business segment of TV3 News 360. Patrick is into youth facilitation and counselling. I can be contacted via baasco2006@gmail.com and or 0243984492.


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