Welcome to another week of financial learning. In recent times, the common mantra you hear people say in the country is that “Things are really hard”. Is it Possible to shine in the midst of financial struggles?

The first word that comes out of the mouth of a friend when you call is the aforementioned phrase. Yes, things are hard financially.

As a matter of fact, things have always been hard since the days of John The Baptist. Since the days of manna, money has never been easy to come by. It has always been so and will never change until the end of the World.

In the midst of this hard world, we still find smart business people making it big in Africa and Ghana. We find people buying a new model of cars in Ghana.

We still find Ghanaians building mansions and living flashy lifestyles. Let me quickly trash out the perception that it is only politics that can make one wealthy in this country.

There are some who made it through politics without a shadow of a doubt.

However, we have many Ghanaians making it without politics but through smart business models and ideas.

Some young people in this country have been able to unlock technology to start businesses with local and international target markets.

When you go to Habour now, you will find a countless number of saloon cars being cleared on a daily basis. You will be amazed at the volumes. Can we, therefore, conclude that we are failed state and living in hard times even when we can clearly see that people change their mode of transportation constantly?

I believe that the matter goes beyond the perception of hard times. Things are not rosy and easy in developed countries. We are sometimes caught up in the web of thinking that all is easy and well elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the younger generation has fallen victim to this perception. With this mindset, our only hope is to focus on working in the public sector after University education. Young people believe that job security is assured in the Government. Can we blame them? Obviously No!

This is what happens in a country that places little importance on training its University students on skill development and entrepreneurship!

The parent is also at fault with the development of this mindset. Parents trumpet the supposed hard state of things to their children on a daily basis. It becomes ringtone to their wards.

The purpose of this article is to make us shine in the midst of the struggles. I always tell people that the way you see a problem makes it a problem. I choose to focus on people who excel in dark moments than to look at those struggling.

Creative minds survive in dark moments. The creative mind locates societal problems and model solutions that become businesses. Some young people are however doing well in the country.

We have young people who have started food joints, marketing portals, courier services, etc.

The major problem I find with our generation is our tendency to be relaxed and not go the extra mile.

Hard work is seen as a punishment among the younger generation. A common excuse we give has to do with Capital. Yes, I agree it is difficult to get easy capital for the implementation of a business plan in Ghana sometimes.

Shinning in the midst of global financial struggles comes through;


We need to be creative and innovative with technology. UN Youth Envoy Ahmad Alhendawi, shared his thoughts on how to empower youth to be future innovators at the ECOSOC’s Youth Forum held this year.

Mr. Alhendawi pointed to the possibilities of new technologies, enabling us to connect.

He also underscored the importance of moving from virtual to real. “I think young people hold the potential to do that, and they should really believe in themselves and believe that it is not about changing everything always. It is about starting something new, small ventures, a new enterprise,”

Ahmad also added in his statement that young people needed to pay attention to what’s around them. “Your community, your city, your country – they are full of opportunities,” Mr. Gomes said, adding encouragingly, “the world needs true innovation that improves people’s lives.”

We cannot continue to follow some of the old ways of our parents and expect to get different results. We can only reap what we sow.

The internet offers us many opportunities to learn new trade via YouTube and other educative portals. Excuses for failures is getting smaller and smaller. 


Legendary Reggae artist Bob Marley made a profound statement in his song titled “Redemption Song”. That statement has been a gentle reminder to me anything I think the world around me is getting darker and darker. Bob said and I quote “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
None but ourselves can free our minds”.

The feeling and perception of things being hard to start first from our minds. We have enslaved our potentials in our minds. We have so much fear of failures stored up from our minds to our hearts.

This prevents us from taking any step of innovation.

That is a weak mindset. You become what you see! The weak mind sees challenges. A positive mind sees opportunities.

The weak mind accepts anything in the midst of hunger. A positive mind waits for the opportune time to act.

The weak mind feels that working for others is the only way towards survival. The positive mind thinks outside the box to solve societal challenges for personal gains.

We need to change how we perceive and analyze situations around us. Bad company corrupts good manners according to the Holy Book. Your weak mindset makes be a product of people you have around you. Maybe it is time to change the voices that you hear daily. Knowledge of this has made me choose friend tactfully now. If my friend is not ambitious enough then there is no point hanging around with him!

Invest in positive books and videos that only seeks to change your viewpoint.


Shinning comes through hard work as already stated. You will agree with me that if you continue at your current pace of progress, you will probably end up living an average life as your parent. Look out for additional job duties in your current employment. Be on the lookout for more work. Utilize effectively the available work hours you have in a day.

Where necessary volunteer your strengths to learn new trade and skill. The focus should not always be on income or salary.

It should be enriching our skills through internships and “any work”.

Be determined to work hard even at odd times.

Never rest until you get to the summit of life!

Yes, we live in a time of financial difficulties all over the world but smart people continue to survive and enjoy the good side of life. Why can’t you be on that side?

I believe this article will light determination fire in you this week

I wish everyone a wonderful and memorable week!


Patrick Baah is a chartered banker with over 5 years experience in main stream banking having worked in various capacities. He is currently at the Branch Manager Position of his institution. He has been a qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, Ghana with a good membership standing since the year 2013. He also holds EMBA and BA from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science, Technology, and the University of Ghana respectively. Patrick is the originator of the daily epistle dubbed “Savings Tip of the Day” which has been running for over a year on WhatsApp and Facebook. Patrick has also been teaching on the Topics Savings, Investment and Financial Independence for over 2 years and a research fellow for ILAPI Ghana. He runs a financial channel on Youtube by name “Patrick TV Gh” and has appeared a couple of times on the business segment of TV3 News 360. Patrick is into youth facilitation and counselling. I can be contacted via baasco2006@gmail.com and or 0243984492.


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